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Codec Question
« on: 24 Oct '17 - 00:47 »
We are having an issue with BASS on the codec "mp4a.40.2". We are expecting 10 second files, but when played using BASS some of the clip is lost causing skipped parts of the audio.

Does BASS support this codec? If so, what could be causing the issue? When we attempt to play the files using VLC they play the entire clip.

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Re: Codec Question
« Reply #1 on: 24 Oct '17 - 13:26 »
I believe "mp4a.40.2" is AAC-LC, which should be supported. Please upload an affected file to have a look at here:

Please also confirm whether you are using the BASS_AAC add-on or the OS's AAC/MP4 codec. If you're unsure, you can check the "ctype" value with BASS_ChannelGetInfo to find out. If it is the OS's codec, are you having the problem on a particular platform?