Author Topic: First try to play song - lags, and bad sound :(  (Read 466 times)


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Hi to all, finally I manage to get to the point where I can start to implement songs playing in my project,
but with simple using of bass on default options gives me bad mono sound even with lags some time :(

I am using

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// creating stream
int stream = Bass.BASS_StreamCreateFile(pathToAudioFile, 0, 0, BASSFlag.BASS_DEFAULT);

// plyaing
Bass.BASS_ChannelPlay(stream, false);

Is there any good example, or tutorial about how do I should setup my player to get best sound quality ?
Please, help me :)

Found where was my problem )
I used BASS_Init with flag BASSInit.BASS_DEVICE_MONO
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But I should I know something else ?
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Re: First try to play song - lags, and bad sound :(
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When the BASS_DEVICE_MONO flag is used in a BASS_Init call, the BASS_SAMPLE_MONO flag will be applied automatically to BASS_StreamCreateFile calls (on the same device), so you will indeed get mono playback of some file formats (note the BASS_SAMPLE_MONO flag does not have effect on all file formats). Please see the function documentation for details on the available flags/options.