Author Topic: Use BASS and BASS_MIX to play audio only on rear speakers  (Read 310 times)


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hi guys..

I have a USB muse pocket LT3 soundcard and I would like to play audio only on rear speakers, now when I run the speakers example the only active speakers are FRONT, REAR and CENTER are disabled...if I run the same example on linux it works!!!!!, I can play audio on every speakers and different streams by the way, I mean, I can play song 1 on FRONT speakers, song 2 on CENTER speakers and so on.

I'm using Windows 10.. so does anyone know what's happening?

thanks guys...

Ian @ un4seen

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Have you set the soundcard's output to 5.1 via the "Configure" button in Windows' Sound control panel? If not, doing that should enable output on the other speakers.