Author Topic: Long wait times when calling BASS_StreamCreateURL  (Read 3073 times)

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When I call BASS_StreamCreateURL from my application written in VB I get very long wait times, it looks like the application has become stuck for a while.

I have noted that this problem only occures when there is a bad internet connection or when there is downloading something while I try to connect.

Is there any solution to solve this problem, it's really annoying when people try to connect with my application and it looks like it has become stuck.

BTW, Bass is great, I first used Fmod but the sound quality cannot compete to that of Bass, Bass has cristal clear sound quality and supports DSP effects with Visual Basic code, this way I was able to write my own volume DSP callback and some other effects.

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Re: Long wait times when calling BASS_StreamCreate
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The solution is to create a new thread, and create the stream in that, leaving the main thread free to do other stuff at the same time...