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I'm trying to see if my Windows desktop app can be converted to a UWP app and uploaded to the Windows Store. 

I've gone through the steps to add a UWP installer to the app, and have run the Windows App Certification Kit tests to see what problems there are. I'm getting the error message: File Bass.Net.dll contains a blocked executable reference to "reg". I assume the certification checker has detected a call to the windows registry, which isn't allowed. The Bass.Net.dll is located in the program's executable directory, which I believe is required.

I haven't converted any apps to the Windows Store before, so I might be doing something silly somewhere. Does anybody have any ideas on how to fix this problem?


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I am afraid, there is currently no UWP version of BASS.NET available due to too many restrictions of it.


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Does anyone know if the BASS libraries would work with UWP, without using BASS.NET? I'm currently using bass.dll, bass_fx.dll, bassasio.dll, bassmidi.dll, and bassmix.dll.

I'm aware there's a Windows store version of BASS and BASS.NET, but I want to see if I can offer my existing desktop app as a Windows Store app with minimal changes. I also have no plans to port to other Windows platforms (phone, tablet etc.).


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Yes, if you go to Nuget package you will find that there is a ManagedBass which is a .Net wrapper for Bass.dll

BTW Bass.Net can be used in UWP, take a look at my post about MP3 distortion. I used Bass.Net in sample code even though I'm using ManagedBass in reality. I'm not sure the workload you need to put in since it really depends on what kind of features your app provides, say you have quite alot features are only available on Win32 then you might need to find the equivalent on UWP and trust me it is painful
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Thanks for the replies.

From your MP3 distortion thread, it looks like you are using the WinStore versions of Bass.dll and Bass.NET. I guess I could try using these, as there also appears to be WinStore versions of bassmix and bassmidi.  There's no BassAsio, which I really wouldn't expect, so I'll have to disable the ASIO functions of the app for WinStore.