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Dolby Atmos support for windows 10 Creators
« on: 11 Jan '18 - 16:02 »
I would like to be able to playback multichannel audio files via hdmi in up to 17 channels as described here:

Specifically using Dolby Atmos for Home Theater (vs. dolby headphones or windows sonic for headphones).

support for up to channels (8 channels around the listener Left, Right, Center, Side Left, Side Right, Back Left, Back Right, and Back Center; 1 low frequency effects channel; 4 channels above the listener; 4 channels below the listener).

Bonus points for some sort of interface for sound objects, vs. the "bed" channels.

Note: Even though the HDMI 2.0 spec calls for 32 channels of audio support, there doesn't seem to be ANY computer hardware or software support for > 8 channels of audio via hdmi. Similar on the the home theater receiver side (unless encoded via Dolby Atmos, DTS X, or Auro 3D). If there was another way, the above wouldn't be necessary but as far as I know the above is currently the only way for > 8 channels.

FYI there is a working c++ example, that encodes a 12 channel (7.1.4) wav file into dolby atmos over HDMI on the fly. It's a "Universal" app, but the meat of the code is there for win32 or whatever.


Compile for x64 (vs. ARM or XBox). I used VS17 and had to set up my machine in universal app developer mode, and "deploy" it after building, in order to run.

Documentation with C++ snippets:

More general:

You must have windows 10 creators or above, and enabled dolby via the $11US Dolby Access app from the windows store.