Author Topic: Compatibility between the latest BASS and BASS_FX builds  (Read 321 times)


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I've been using BASS for a while, but am new to this forum.
I'm creating a new project using BASS X64 on Windows. This is actually the first time I use the x64 version.
The initialization works just fine as always. However, once I try to attach BASS_FX after the initialization, I get BASS_ERROR_FILEFORM, indicating that the plugin I supplied is not a plugin or incompatible with the current version of BASS.
I checked that the bass.dll I was using was the latest x64 one, and bass_fx.dll was also what I had downloaded recently (of course I copied the x64/bass_fx.dll to my project folder).
Could anyone test if the latest BASS correctly loads bass_fx.dll currently available? If someone can attach it, I will investigate the issue a bit more and try to address what is causing the error on my environment.
I'm using BASS, BASS_FX, along with pybass on Python 2.7.
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yncat, since the latest bass_fx.dll was released a few months after bass, try it with the latest bass.dll from the development address and see if it works with the new version.

edit:  original link was mis-typed and has been corrected, sorry for any confusion!--sveakul
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Thank you sveakul.
I downloaded the latest snapshot(, replaced it with the previous one and tried again. But still the same error is thrown.
I've created the minimum code snippet that reproduces the issue. I know I should have done this with C, but my x64 gcc(mingw) is not working right now for some weird reason. I'd be very glad if someone could test this. And if it's BASS's internal issue, I'd like to ask the developer to fix the compatibility.