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Hello  :)

I have developed a kind of visualization for the music extracting bytes from the stream and displaying them in a kind of group of bars moving up and down, pretty cool by the way. Since these bands move like the way the music spectrum would do, I wonder if is there any way of math calculations to get the strength per band or similar, in a way the music gets represented through its frequency, so you can get lowers on the left side and highers on the right.

If you don't understand what I mean check this video  8) 8)


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Re: Audio visualization according equalizer bands
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You can use FFT data for that. FFT data is available from the BASS_ChannelGetData function. Please see the BASS_ChannelGetData documentation for details. Also take a look at the SPECTRUM (or LIVESPEC) example included in the BASS package for a little demonstration.