Author Topic: Monitor and PC dont turn off with new bass version 2.4.13  (Read 542 times)


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It appears the latest bass version (standard version, didnt try the MP3 free version) causes a computer system to remain active even when doing nothing ie. bass is just loaded but not being used for playback

I tried with the previous version 2.4.12 and all categories show None in the above screenshot.

Is that something you expect as a result of changes made and could it be changed to the computer system isnt activated?

Ian @ un4seen

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Have you called BASS_Init, but playing nothing? If so, although BASS won't send any data to the output device then (assuming BASS_CONFIG_DEV_NONSTOP isn't enabled), it will still be active. Here's an update for you to try, which should deactivate the device then:


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Have you called BASS_Init, but playing nothing?
Yes that or starting playback and pausing/stopping.
The new version now behaves the same as 2.4.12 thanks