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Production version?
« on: 1 Feb '18 - 04:39 »
Should we be using in release versions of our software? Or is it still being tested and is the solid version?
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Re: Production version?
« Reply #1 on: 1 Feb '18 - 17:45 »
There should be another BASS update released tomorrow or early next week. The main reason for the update is to fix a bug affecting the new BASS_NODEVICE option, which also affects using encoded soundfonts/samples with the latest BASSMIDI version (it uses the BASS_NODEVICE option internally). The fix is present in the "stuff" builds, so I would indeed recommend using it in the meantime if you may be affected by that bug. Besides that fix, the latest stuff ( currently) also has a couple of tweaks for BASS_ChannelGetData, and adds a 0x10000 flag to the BASS_CHANNELINFO "origres" value to indicate floating-point files.