Author Topic: just a few questions about the Flac Encoder  (Read 306 times)


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so after recording a file using BASS_Encode_FLAC_Start()
I tried to Play that file and noticed that the file didn't contain the File length/time.
so my question is how to update the file length?

by the way it is a Live Recording so the file length is unknown;
also i need to monitor the file size as it is recording; 

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Re: just a few questions about the Flac Encoder
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The length information is stored at the start of a FLAC file, so it isn't possible to include that when using an ENCODEPROC callback unless you use the "--until" option to tell the encoder how long the encoding will be. If you're encoding to a file, you could use BASS_Encode_FLAC_StartFile instead, which can go back and update the start of the file.