Author Topic: Feature reqs: Play directly from library; progress bar for updating track titles  (Read 952 times)


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Hi Ian. A couple of feature requests.

Firstly, I checked and this forum entry basically covers what I'm about to ask:

You mention that you have to have a track in the playlist before it will play, and I already know that. I have playlists for various artists and various mod types. But I also have ~309k modules in my library and I'm constantly adding new ones or updating existing. I know that I can enable "replace playlist when playing" but all that does is give me a single track which loops or stops. Would it be difficult to add a special mode which skips the playlist and plays tracks directly from the library (play once, loop, play random) as though the library is one giant playlist? Or perhaps for the library to be auto-mirrored realtime into a playlist? And yes, I know I can select all tracks, right click and select "replace playlist". And save that playlist out if desired. That manual step has to be performed every time the library changes though, just like all my separate PLs do if the folders containing their tracks are updated in any way.

Second request: Experimenting with something and created a new instance of xmplay pointing to my library. As expected it scanned in all the files and then started doing the updating track titles thing. I scrolled up and down the list and couldn't see anything going on however CPU was being used. I left it running overnight and it was still going this morning when woke up. Tried to quit and got the "XMPlay is in the middle of updating track titles" warning. Is it possible to incorporate a progress bar or percentage somehow so that we can see how long it will take to update track titles across the current library?

Low pri stuff but thought I'd ask anyway. Thanks!