Author Topic: BASS Android multi channel (multitrack) syncing  (Read 310 times)

Guillermo Raya Batanero

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Hi, i am trying to figure out the way to play 5 channels simultenaously, but i am not sure hot to get this, Could you help to me? My problem is that my instances of the player are not played at same time, there is some lag delay.


Ian @ un4seen

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Re: BASS Android multi channel (multitrack) syncing
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If you link the channels via BASS_ChannelSetLink, they should all start simultaneously when you call BASS_ChannelPlay. You could do domething like this:

Code: [Select]
// link the other channels to the 1st one
for (int a=1; a<5; a++)
BASS.BASS_ChannelSetLink(channel[0], channel[a]);
// start them
BASS.BASS_ChannelPlay(channel[0], false);