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Which fx functions?
« on: 28 Feb '18 - 13:49 »
I notice that there are audio fx in BASS, but also in BASS_FX. The latter are quite old (2014). If an fx is available in both, like compressor, which  one would be better as in quality, CPU usage, stability?

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Re: Which fx functions?
« Reply #1 on: 28 Feb '18 - 16:00 »
In the case of the compressor effect, I would recommend using the BASS_FX one (BASS_FX_BFX_COMPRESSOR2) rather than the DX8 one (BASS_FX_DX8_COMPRESSOR), as the DX8 effect can produce a lot of denormals (which BASS then has to remove to avoid a big performance hit).