Author Topic: Feature req: single action to start a stream download at pre-set options  (Read 802 times)


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Hello!  Currently, one can assign a shortcut key to the action "Current track-Download/Extract" for radio streams.  This opens a "Write As" window where a directory is specified and the options "Write Cue Sheet" or "Write Separate Tracks" must be selected each time (non-persistent).

Would it be possible to allow the Cue Sheet/Separate Tracks options as well as the download directory to be pre-set in the regular XMPlay Options, and then offer a hotkey action that would allow a track to immediately begin being written with those options, bypassing the secondary "Write As" window pop-up?  This would speed up the process and keep less of the track from being missed during the "Wow that's cool--RECORD!" response time :)