Author Topic: Xmplay Midi plugin: if Bank MSB before program change event- channel dont work  (Read 1096 times)


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Hi, just tried to convert midi from game Descent 2, used any methods - Foobar2000/Winamp/hmp2mid  - got the same result - midi where Bank MSB event - before program change event and it simply dont work (no sound). When i remove Bank MSB event or place it AFTER "Program Change" - the channel works and sounds:
Is it normal behavor for bassmidi/xmplay midi plugin? Or it should be fixed?


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Both files seem to work here, in the sense that all instruments seem to be playing. Does XMPlay's info window (F3) show any missing sound banks? Do you maybe have some non-existing soundfonts specified to bank 8?
Note that a bank select alone will never cause a program change. It has to be followed by a program change. So if you place the bank select after a program change, the program change will be executed (on bank 0) and the bank remains the same afterwards, unless there is another program change on the same channel.

Also note that there are working rips of the Descent 2 soundtrack on ;)


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Yes, it's mapping to 8th bank (GS), in my main bank it's not used, so it uses additional external one with another volume balance:
On normal way it uses "Taiko Drum" from my GM bank.
Ok then) Thanks, so hi Bank mapping works only if event before program setting.And it was mapped to 8 hi bank.
I know about rips on Mirsoft, but mine are not worse, so it's not the problem with midi, but only my secondary bank for GS)

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If the problem is that the 2 soundfonts have different volume levels, you can compensate for that via the per-soundfont "Gain" option in the MIDI plugin config.