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I'm quite new with XMPlay ... (came to it because of gapless playback and crossfeed plugin).
I had some time with it now but although I RTFM and the FAQs too I can't find, if it's possible
to configure XMPlay in a way that by opening a file (via file association or from within XMPlay)
not only the file but the whole folder is taken as play list (replaces the old),
and playing the selected file.
In other words:
Actually I want to use XMPlay quite simple to choose a file to play ... and all it's succesors
in the windows directory.
(Adding the including directory, and then navigating to the desired file is quite uncomfortable)

Thank you for help in advance!
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I don't think that's possible by clicking on a file, but you can already right-click a folder and choose "Open with XMPlay" on that folder.


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Yes, that's the "work around" I do it now.

But as I'm not used "playlist oriented" music hearing, it's anything but straight.

My typical way is that I choose a song somewhere in a folder/ album.
Hear it and expect the player to play the following songs in the folder.

Now it seems quite awkward to me:

Being at that song I have
- to go one dir level up,
- select the folder to XMPlay as you suggested,
- find the song again in XMPlays list and
- choose it.
Would you want to do this?

With MPC-HC (or 1by1) it was ONE click.
(But without gapless, and/ or non-working crossfeed).

I had hoped that I had overseen some configuration possibility ...   :(



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Another option:
1. Add your entire music directory to the XMPlay library (not playlist)
2. Now you can find a specific song in the library, right-click, "Select all matching", "Album", right-click, "Add to playlist"/"Replace playlist"/"Queue" (whatever suits you best).
3. You can add your music directory to the monitored library folders so that in the future new music gets added automatically. At least I believe that's how it works.

Maybe this works better for you?


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Thanks again for your support.  :)

Well ... looks like I have no choice but give a chance to this "playlist view" on the things.
At least as gapless and crossfeed playback are most important to me.
(All player (enviroments) that are able to that do this playlist thing, and all the piecewise (1by1-) player don't  :-[ )

Your suggestion however would mean a totally different kind of approaching/ selecting the music I like to hear at a moment.
And the way I do until now ... well ... I seem not to be the only one who feels that more natural, as MPC, 1by1, ... do it that way.

Still wouldn't it be an idea to have an option in XMPlay to insert the whole folder into the playlist when doubleclicking/ playing a file?
I would be absolutely satisfied ... and probably not only me, but also all the other "1by1"-listeners  :)
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