Author Topic: How to find the new time of a cuepoint after changing samplerate?  (Read 498 times)


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I have a song that must trigger a callback (sync) at the break (the part with beats only that dj's use to mix another song). Let's say the break starts at the 244th second of the song.

If I change the speed of the song by adjusting the samplerate, then the breakpoint will also change. Is there a way to calculate the new time of this breakpoint?


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are you working with the Bass_FX Tempostuff ?


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No, I prefer to do this without addons.
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How are you adjusting the sample rate? If you're using the BASS_ATTRIB_FREQ setting then the timing of BASS_SYNC_POS syncs will change accordingly, eg. if the sample rate is doubled then the sync position will be reached twice as quickly. So you shouldn't need to do anything differently regarding the sync then.