Author Topic: Jump to first MIDI_EVENT_NOTE without losing the initial midi configuration  (Read 353 times)


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I'm trying to play a midi file starting from the first event note.
After creating the stream from a midi file I retreive the tick of the first note event and jump to it by BASS_ChannelSetPosition.

The problem is that all the previous events that triggered a sync are lost and my GUI remain with the default values...
Is there a way to re-trigger all the events from the begin to the first event tick

Ian @ un4seen

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If I understand correctly, you're using BASS_SYNC_MIDI_EVENT sync(s) to detect when certain events are played, and you want those to be triggered for the events that are being skipped when jumping to the seek position? If so, as you are checking the MIDI stream's events to find the first note, perhaps you could also check what other events that you're interested in are present up to that point? Another option is to use BASS_MIDI_StreamSetFilter, which will allow you to receive the skipped events.