Author Topic: ASIO and Splits with Bass.NET  (Read 391 times)

Chris Oakley

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ASIO and Splits with Bass.NET
« on: 6 May '18 - 19:56 »
This is an interesting issue in Bass.NET

We are taking ASIO into a mixer - we are then splitting out from that mixer and running encoders on those splits. The problem is that doing this using DirectSound or WASAPI it's fine, but using ASIO with both encoders it sounds like they're breaking up.

If you run one encoder it's fine. Run two, it's not.

Is this a restriction of ASIO?

Ian @ un4seen

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Re: ASIO and Splits with Bass.NET
« Reply #1 on: 8 May '18 - 13:24 »
When you say the encoders sound like they're breaking up, do you mean they are live streams and when listening to them the sound stutters? If so, perhaps they are not being fed quickly enough. Please show how/when are you processing the mixer/splitters. You could also try setting the BASS_ENCODE_QUEUE flag on the encoders (in the BASS_Encode_Start calls), if you aren't already.

Chris Oakley

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Re: ASIO and Splits with Bass.NET
« Reply #2 on: 8 May '18 - 13:37 »
Yes it's a live stream. I suspect it could be the fact we're using a VBAN audio mixer too.

It's a complex audio setup. I didn't configure it, but another widely used application suffers from the same issue with more than one encoder running when we try that on this setup.

We're going to try it without the VBAN and see if we get the same issue in ASIO. I'll let you know what happens, just for future reference :)