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Cannot create EQ effects with BASS_FX
« on: 11 May '18 - 12:08 »
I'm using BASS_FX SDK to create equalizer effects in a windows desktop X64 bit application.

The following code returns NULL:
    m_hfxLiveEQRightBands = BASS_ChannelSetFX(m_hsBassStream, BASS_FX_BFX_PEAKEQ, 0);

but the following code works:
    m_hfxReverb = BASS_ChannelSetFX(m_hsBassStream,BASS_FX_DX8_REVERB,0);
and I can hear the reverb effect.

How this can be? looks like parameters from bass_fx is not recognized. Do I need to do something special before creating bass_fx effects?

Thanks in advance,

Ian @ un4seen

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Re: Cannot create EQ effects with BASS_FX
« Reply #1 on: 11 May '18 - 14:15 »
The BASS_FX library needs to be loaded before you can use its effects in BASS_ChannelSetFX calls. You can force it to be loaded by calling a function from it, eg. BASS_FX_GetVersion during initialization.