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what i am doing wrong?
« on: 28 Oct '18 - 10:47 »
Delphi Tokyo IOS device 32 Bit

a)  BASS_Init(-1,44100,0,Handle,nil) //works

BASS_PluginLoad(PChar(TPATH.Combine(tpath.GetLibraryPath,'libbassflac.a')), 0 or BASS_UNICODE); //i get error what is the corect way to load plugin in Ios
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Re: what i am doing wrong?
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Plugin loading is a bit different on the iOS platform because the add-ons are static libraries there, rather than dynamic libraries like on the other platforms. There are 2 ways to load plugins with BASS_PluginLoad on iOS. First you can try simply passing the add-on name in a string:

Code: [Select]
BASS_PluginLoad("BASSFLAC", 0);

If that doesn't work, then the linker is probably not linking the add-on into your app because your app doesn't import anything from it. The solution then is to import a symbol from the add-on and pass that to BASS_PluginLoad, like this:

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extern void BASSFLACplugin;
BASS_PluginLoad(&BASSFLACplugin, 0);

That's in C/C++. I'm not a Delphi user myself, so I'm afraid I'm not sure what it would look like there.


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Re: what i am doing wrong?
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thank you