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sorry for the equivocation, i have the next issue.

in soundfont specification 2.04 have support for the cc# 7 to attenuation modulator, similar to key velocity to attenuation but in cc#7 to attenuation. i need for S30 sf2+ bank sheet 43

8.4.5 MIDI Continuous Controller 7 to Initial Attenuation
Source Enumeration = 0x0582 (type=1, P=0, D=1, CC=1, index = 7)
Destination Enumeration = Initial Attenuation
Amount = 960
Amount Source Enumeration = 0x0 (No controller)
Transform Enumeration = 0 (Linear)
The MIDI Continuous Controller 7 data value is used as a Negative Unipolar source; thus the input value of 0 is mapped to
a value of 127/128, an input value of 127 is mapped to 0 and all other values are mapped between 127/128 and 0 in a
concave fashion. There is no secondary source for this modulator; thus its effect is the same as the effect of multiplying the
amount by 1. The amount of this modulator is 960 cB (or 96 dB) of attenuation.
The product of these value

but bass no take this value, if i set 480 when i set the volume to 64 the sound is same as had the default value (960)

i need set curve for cc#7 (Series 30 need use this and is useful for developers)

2# (S40 3rd edition) Any form for change delay between note off and release from sf2? (example polyphone show various modulator unused) you can set any of these for delay the note off of event  in ms? (example: cc#20 (unused) value with 30 to hold can be used as hold before note off after release?) the problem is if i change release with 600 ms can be cause of reverberation mono

I'm sure there is some way to add parameters without affecting the soundblaster protocol

sorry of my english, no is very good. [Native language : ES-es]
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