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need device name code
« on: 23 Nov '18 - 22:44 »
hi i am looking for and need a device code that tells me what the device is called and if it is active. i use the framework 2. because the latest version always prints something with set config which i can't figure out. that's why i use bass.dll version
my app is written in not C# or c++.
i can also like to show a little bit of my code but not more yet, later more.
it was nice when it was like this example below, I'm slowly coming to the end of blindly testing out codes that might fit somehow.

Code: [Select]
'outputbox1.Items.Add= device info and name of each device
thanks in advance for helping

Ian @ un4seen

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Re: need device name code
« Reply #1 on: 26 Nov '18 - 13:30 »
By "if it is active", do you mean whether the device is enabled in Windows? If so, you can get that information (as well as the device name) from BASS_GetDeviceInfo. The BASS_DEVICE_ENABLED flag will be set on a device if it is enabled. Please see the BASS_GetDeviceInfo and BASS_DEVICEINFO documentation for details.