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MID2XM Source Code?
« on: 23 Dec '18 - 14:35 »
Hi. I'm new here as you can see, but not really new as I know this site a long time ago.  :)

Including I use the BASS library in some private Delphi apps here, and I even contacted you in the past. Mr. Ian, but it was years ago by private and personal e-mail address. Thanks for replying them.  ;)

Before asking this I searched the forum and I found only this topic: Open source MID2XM? and as I could see it's very old, dated of 2010 and no replies, so I decided to create a new topic instead of replying that old one.

Well, I really like MID2XM but there are several problems in it:

1 - It's an old Windows 3.x application and we know Windows 64 bits versions don't execute 3.x apps anymore.
2 - No batch support, and it's thing I really would like to have as it's annoying to convert several .mid's at once.
3 - No command line support. Well, it would help batch operations too.

And no source code available, we can't port it to Windows 32 bits at least (Windows 64 bits could execute it) but for me I would love to have at least a 32 bit .DLL and a nice Delphi .PAS file exporting the functions like the BASS library.

Of course I don't know about license issues or if you lost the source code here. Anyway... I'm just asking for.

Thanks for reading this and my best regards!  ;)