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I知 in the process of updating the BASS libs for an iOS app, and have run into an unexpected return value from BASS_ChannelIsActive().
The scenario I知 getting this in is this:
1. Bass is playing.
2. User presses pause.
3. App does:

DWORD   isActive = BASS_ChannelIsActive( self.mixer );

switch ( isActive ) {

        case BASS_ACTIVE_STOPPED:   self.audioEngineState = AudioEngineStateStopped;    break;

        case BASS_ACTIVE_PLAYING:   self.audioEngineState = AudioEngineStatePlaying;    break;

        case BASS_ACTIVE_STALLED:   self.audioEngineState = AudioEngineStateBuffering;  break;

        case BASS_ACTIVE_PAUSED:    self.audioEngineState = AudioEngineStatePaused;     break;

4. With Bass v2.4.12.23 I receive BASS_ACTIVE_PAUSED (3) from BASS_ChannelIsActive()

With Bass v2.4.13.23 I receive 4.
5. With Bass v2.4.12.23 audio is paused

With Bass v2.4.13.23 audio continues despite the call to BASS_Pause().

As far as I have been able to find in headers and chm files, only values 0 thru 3 is documented return values from BASS_ChannelIsActive().

I知 calling BASS_ChannelIsActive() on a mixer stream created with
   self.mixer = BASS_Mixer_StreamCreate( (DWORD)self.preferredSampleRate, 2, BASS_MIXER_END);
and have a couple of streams plugged into the mixer (w. BASS_Mixer_StreamAddChannel) for gapless playback.

What can be the cause of this?  (I.e. what am I missing? ;-))
As hinted in 4 and 5, the code was seemingly working fine with the older BASS v2.4.12.23.


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Reading through the forum posts, I stumbled on BASS_ACTIVE_PAUSED_DEVICE mentioned in a post about changelog since
I知 guessing BASS_ACTIVE_PAUSED_DEVICE is defined a 4.

I知 getting my bass iOS libs from here:

And the bass header files from the OSX package here:

bass.h and bass.chm from the OSX package does not seem to contain BASS_ACTIVE_PAUSED_DEVICE,
but BASS_ChannelIsActive() from the iOS package seems to return BASS_ACTIVE_PAUSED_DEVICE (assuming 4 is BASS_ACTIVE_PAUSED_DEVICE).

Is there another place to get the headers and chm files than the OSX package I linked to above?
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That is indeed the new BASS_ACTIVE_PAUSED_DEVICE return value, which is officially coming soon in the BASS 2.4.14 release, but was included in a recent iOS version update. The updated BASS.H file should really have been included too. That has now been added:

The updated documentation isn't available yet, but you can read about the new value here:


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Perfect, thanks.


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Looking forward to BASS 2.4.14 (for Windows). I think BASS_ACTIVE_PAUSED_DEVICE and associated processing could be a useful addition. When do you expect this version to be available?

Ian @ un4seen

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It should be released very soon. If you would like to try the new stuff now, the latest build including that is available here:


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Is the help file also available? I can wait until the official release.