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Error between and
« on: 3 Jan '19 - 11:59 »
After a long time we upgraded the version as mentioned in the title.

Our customers are seeing a spurious error after the sound-card provided by the display went into standby.

With after coming from standby playing a file is always successful.
With playing sometimes might fail with ERROR_START. Restarting our software fixes the issue. We use BASS inside a system service.

Do you have older versions somewhere? Our customer could try to track down the version the problem first appeared if this helps?



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Re: Error between and
« Reply #1 on: 3 Jan '19 - 13:55 »
I presume you are getting the BASS_ERROR_START error from a BASS_ChannelPlay call? It indicates that the output device hasn't been started. The output is started automatically by BASS_Init, so it isn't usually necessary to start it manually (via BASS_Start). Are you using BASS_Pause or BASS_Stop at all? If not, the output can also be stopped if the device becomes unavailable, eg. unplugged or disabled. This applies to both 2.4.12 and 2.4.13 though, so it's strange that you would only have the problem with 2.4.13.

The big change in 2.4.13 is that it will use WASAPI (instead of DirectSound) output by default on Windows Vista and above, but that shouldn't really cause any new problems. In fact, it can make it simpler to recover from when a device becomes unavailable by allowing the output to be resumed (when the device becomes available again) with BASS_Start instead of having to call BASS_Free and BASS_Init again (or restarting the app). When you get the BASS_ERROR_START error, please try calling BASS_Start and then BASS_ChannelPlay again, and see if it still fails then. If it does still fail, also confirm what Windows version is being used by the affected customer(s).

You could also give this latest build a try: