Author Topic: BASS_ChannelIsActive call from SyncProc fired at BASS_SYNC_END  (Read 357 times)


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Could you please tell me if I can depend on BASS_ChannelIsActive called from SyncProc fired at BASS_SYNC_END (I'm not using BASS_SYNC_MIXTIME) always returning BASS_ACTIVE_STOPPED? I've stumbled upon this thread in which Ian says:

Yep, it's very possible that BASS_ChannelIsActive will return BASS_ACTIVE_STOPPED in an END sync callback. After all, the sync is triggered when the channel reaches the end :)

which makes me think it's not guaranteed.

Ian @ un4seen

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So long as it isn't a "mixtime" sync (BASS_SYNC_MIXTIME) and looping isn't enabled (BASS_SAMPLE_LOOP flag set or BASS_ChannelSetPosition called in another BASS_SYNC_END callback), BASS_ChannelIsActive should always return BASS_ACTIVE_STOPPED within a BASS_SYNC_END callback.


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Thanks for clearing that up, Ian.