Author Topic: Correct way to install BASS.Net in a Xamarin.Forms app?  (Read 552 times)


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I have a Xamarin.Forms project in Windows Visual Studio 2017. The project uses .NetStandard 2.0. I've read that I have to install the Bass native libraries separately from Bass.Net. What's confusing is that the NuGet package for Bass.NetWrapper appears to have dependencies on the BASS.Native and BASS.ASIO NuGet packages, so it would appear I don't have to do this manually? I'm not sure how this is intended to work.

I've tried installing Bass.NetWrapper to my shared Xamarin.Forms project, and it looks like Bass.NetWrapper is a .NetFramework 4.5 project, which it tried to move up to 4.6.1 so it would overlap with .NetStandard 2.0. But then it complains that I don't have Bass.Net in my android project. If I try to install Bass.NetWrapper to all projects (including Android and iOS), it has more complaints about not being compatible with Xamarinios10. Should my Xamarin.Forms project be changed to Framework 4.5?

Feeling in over my head, would love of someone could lay out the correct way to go about this!


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I've had the same issue when importing the net wrapper from GNUGET
I've fixed it be including the right dll's from the un4seen's main page (top of page) into the output folders of exporting in Visual studio.
For you to make bass work you just need the right bass.dll.

DEBUG 32x default output dir: ./bin/x48/Debug/ <== put dll's here.
RELEASE 32x default output dir: ./bin/x48/Release/ <== put dll's here.
DEBUG 64x default output dir: ./bin/x64/Debug/ <== put dll's here.
RELEASE 64x default output dir: ./bin/x64/Release/ <== put dll's here.

DLL download page: Click on BASS at the left menu bar. select platform at top of page.

For windows:
the 32bit dll is stored at the root folder of the zip.
the 64bit dll is stored at the root in the folder x64.
The zip also contains some test codes on several bass features.
(The zip also contains)