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Stuttering / garbled audio on Linux
« on: 9 Mar '19 - 23:53 »
I've received a few reports from users about audio issues, that are:

a. Sometimes audio is garbled for 1-2 secs when starting a track but sometimes remains so
b. Sometimes during a track the audio stutters for a moment

I'm not sure if these are related. Though b possibly may be related to system resource usage in some way causing the channel to stall.

Personally I've not encountered such issues, though I have a rather high end and up to date system.

Would these be issues with bass? Is there anything I can do to mitigate the issues?
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Re: Stuttering / garbled audio on Linux
« Reply #1 on: 11 Mar '19 - 14:55 »
Is there any pattern to the users that are affected by the problem, eg. in Linux/ALSA/PulseAudio versions or the system load at the time?

In the 2nd problem case, is the BASS channel stalling or is the entire output stalling? You can use a BASS_SYNC_STALL sync to check that. If the output is stalling, BASS probably didn't get enough CPU for a moment and the device ran out of buffered data to play. Increasing the device buffer length via the BASS_CONFIG_DEV_BUFFER option (before calling BASS_Init) should help with that. The default setting on Linux is 40ms (60ms on ARM Linux), so you could try going up from that. The 1st problem is stranger but perhaps increasing the buffer length will help with that too?