Author Topic: Discord Screenshare audio not being captured.  (Read 48 times)


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Hi there, I've recent had a couple of my users notice that when using Discord screenshare, audio from my program that I've created using isn't being captured. Just looking for any advice to fix this or notifying of issue if it is some kind of weird issue with discord and bass itself. Last time I updated the bass plugins was December 23rd last year. My program runs through the Unity engine and uses bass.dll, bass_fx.dll, bassenc_ogg.dll and Bass.Net to replace Unity's default audio. Can link to the project on Github if necessary.

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Re: Discord Screenshare audio not being captured.
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I haven't used Discord screenshare myself but if it is capturing the sound from other apps and just not from yours, then the only thing that comes to mind is that perhaps your app is using a different output device? I presume Discord screenshare is capturing the default output device (via its loopback). Is your app using the default output device, ie. device=-1 in its BASS_Init call? Do you also have the BASS_CONFIG_DEV_DEFAULT option enabled, so that BASS follows default device changes? If not, you could try enabling that.