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Steve Grant

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wma Professional 10 24 bit bitrate
« on: 19 Mar '19 - 11:48 »
Hi Ian I've come across the first of these and have been testing across my normal batch of programs.

It plays absolutely fine in Bass with/without the Wma addin.

However there is a discrepancy with reported bitrates.
With addin       384
Without addin  384
Audiogenie      247
dBpoweramp   247
mp3tag           235

I have no idea which is correct so I've uploaded the track for you to have a look at.

Many thanks.

Ian @ un4seen

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Re: wma Professional 10 24 bit bitrate
« Reply #1 on: 19 Mar '19 - 17:51 »
The BASS_ATTRIB_BITRATE attribute is meant to give the bitrate of the audio data only, ie. it excludes video and tags. So the file's average audio bitrate value is used rather than the overall average bitrate. It does look like that value tends to be too high on VBR WMA files, like it's giving a peak value rather than the average. When using BASSWMA, the overall average bitrate is included in the BASS_TAG_WMA tags, in a "Bitrate" field. Here's a BASSWMA update that will use that value for the BASS_ATTRIB_BITRATE attribute unless the file contains video:

Let me know if you still see any dodgy bitrate values with that.

Steve Grant

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Re: wma Professional 10 24 bit bitrate
« Reply #2 on: 19 Mar '19 - 21:03 »
I will carry on testing but so far - so good. Many thanks.