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Strange request here. Please can anyone help?

I have a proprietary "karaoke show hoster" application running in Windows 7. The database/player GUI was written in Pascal and plays out to the Bass Player library. It is pretty much abandoned, and the original programmer has little/no interest in adding features to it. I have no access to the original source code.

I want to add Silence Detection to skip leading silences on MP3/CDG pairs (probably just the MP3, as the CDG should track it and cue to the correct time automatically). I know that this is possible, as I know another programmer who has done it using a wrapper on the GUI exe. Sadly, I do not have a copy of his wrapper, and I've lost touch with him so I can't ask how he did it. I think his code was written in C++.

I suspect that I could achieve something similar with an inserted plugin between the player app and the library, without the complexity of a wrapper, but I don't know where to start.

I have experience with C# and VB.NET, but not C++ or Pascal.

Can anyone tell me how I can do it? Please note that if it is necessary for me to use C++ or Pascal to do it, I'm pretty much going to need the code "ready to copy/paste", and I apologise for that. If it can be done in C# then all the better, as I'll need much less help and be able to dig in and get my hands dirty!



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Can no one give me any clues on how to do this? Pleeeeeeeease???

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Unfortunately, that doesn't sound like a simple copy/paste job. You would need to know what the app is doing and patch the relevant piece of code. I think your best bet is to try finding the existing patch/wrapper that you mention. If it was on an old website, you could check