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VST Plugin support
« on: 28 Mar '19 - 05:13 »
Hello, currently I'm using Xmplay cuz it's much faster than Aimp and Bass library is powerful.cant find anything better than this small player!
fooobar is garbage and also not using BASS. the only problem is I can't load VST plugins with Xmplay.pls don't advice to use Winamp garbage outdated plugins! i had to dl and install JRiver Media Center cuz with jriver you can easily load a  VST plugin. I wish you consider to add support(like the way jriver load them.easy to use and user-friendly :D) for VST plugin. vst is a must for some ppl
pls pls pls pls:D the is not hard for u4seen : ) just make a plugin. or if you don't, I hope someone makes this plugin for Xmplay users.