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Send audio to remote speaker on windows
« on: 3 Apr '19 - 17:18 »

Is there a way to send audio to a remote speaker under windows ?

I'm thinking about the "Play on this device" option that you can see when opening the context menu on a MP3 file in windows 10.
This menu allows you to choose a compatible device in your network, and then it opens a player and the file starts playing on the chosen device. The idea is basicly to take the place of the player.

I may have missed something but airplay is only for Mac and iOS, it isn't supported on windows, right ?
The thing on windows similar to airplay seem to be called DNLA, but it seems to be rather complex if I need to reimplement it myself.

Is there support for this kind of thing in BASS ?

I have thought about casting a local stream, whether with the basic HTTP server integrated in BASS, or by installing a local icecast, and then tell the speaker to stream from 192.168.X.X but I presume there exist something much simpler, and, especially, more end-user-friendly.

Thank you for your answers.

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Re: Send audio to remote speaker on windows
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BASS doesn't include DLNA support, so you would need to implement that yourself (or use a 3rd-party library) but perhaps the BASSenc server can be used as part of that, ie. start a server and send the URL to the DLNA device. Another user has basically done the same thing for Chromecast support in their app.


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Re: Send audio to remote speaker on windows
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OK, that's what I thought.
Thank you for the answer.