Author Topic: From mixer direct to encoder then Shoutcast / Icecast stream?  (Read 393 times)


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Is it possible to go directly from a mixer stream to an encoder then to a shoutcast or icecast broadcaster? Currently I'm playing the audio with BASS to the sound card and then have a BASS recording device setup on the soundcards loopback to output to an encoder then to icecast. It would be better if I could skip the soundcard all together and just go from the BASS mixer right into the encoder then to icecast. This way I can run my program on a computer without a sound card.

Ian @ un4seen

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Yes, that should be possible. You can skip the recording step set by setting the encoder/caster directly on the mixer, and you can remove the soundcard requirement by using the "No Sound" device (in your BASS_Init call). If you aren't actually using a mixer stream (ie. the BASSmix add-on) but rather having BASS do the mixing then it is still possible to achieve what you want by using STREAMPROC_DEVICE with BASS_StreamCreate to access the output mix, which you can set the encoder/caster on. Please see the BASS_StreamCreate documentation for details on that.