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example microphone device list code
« on: 15 May '19 - 17:09 »
this example microphone device list code?

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Re: example microphone device list code
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I have separated your post from the thread that you posted it in because it did not appear to be related to that thread. Please start a new thread if you do not find a thread with the same question as yours.

In answer to your question, if you want to find all microphones in the recording device list, you can call BASS_RecordGetDeviceInfo on each device and look for BASS_DEVICE_TYPE_MICROPHONE, something like this:

Code: [Select]
int a;
for (a = 0; BASS_RecordGetDeviceInfo(a, &info); a++)
    if ((info.flags&BASS_DEVICE_ENABLED) && (info.flags&BASS_DEVICE_TYPE_MASK) == BASS_DEVICE_TYPE_MICROPHONE) { // found an enabled microphone
        // do something