Author Topic: How to install BASS for m4a file support in 1by1  (Read 810 times)


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For 1by1 to play m4a (AAC) files using BASS, you need 2 dlls from:

First make sure 1by1 isn't running.

Download the file at the very top of the BASS page, unzip it, and copy the bass.dll file from it into the 1by1 install folder - in C:/Program Files (x86)/1by1  by default.

Next scroll down the same page and download the file for BASS_AAC, unzip it, and copy the bass_aac.dll file from it into the 1by1 folder.

Start 1by1.


This might seem really obvious, but it was confusing for me because I was looking for something that said "m4a" (the file extension) but it wasn't mentioned anywhere on the 1by1 site, its instructions, nor on the BASS page. I'm guessing the 1by1 page was written at a time when the audio files did use an aac extension.

I also thought I was looking for just the plugin file since I had previously used an old WinAmp plugin file for (very unreliable) m4a support, so when I found out the connection between AAC and m4a, I just downloaded the bass_aac.dll file and put that into the 1by1 folder, which didn't work. I thought the bass.dll file the 1by1 instructions mentioned was referring to an old version of the plugin file and that the download link at the top of the page was a zip file of all of the dlls underneath.