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BASSenc_AAC (AAC encoding)
« on: 9 Aug '19 - 16:06 »
Here's a little AAC encoding add-on based on the FDK AAC encoder:

No documentation yet, but the API is the same as the other encoding add-ons, with these "options" settings available:

  --object-type <value> ... "value" can be: 2/5/23/29/39. See here for descriptions:
  --vbr <value> ... "value" can be 0 (CBR) or 1-5 (VBR levels).
  --bitrate <value> ... bitrate (bps) for CBR.

The default is type 2 CBR with the bitrate based on the sample rate and channel count. No tagging or MP4 options currently, so it'll probably be mostly useful for streaming purposes (eg. with BASS_Encode_CastInit and BASS_Encode_ServerInit) rather than file writing.

AAC is patented and a licence is required to use it in commercial products. A licence can be obtained from Via:
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Re: BASSenc_AAC (AAC encoding)
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An Android version has now been added in the 1st post.