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BASS HLS problem Android
« on: 9 Aug '19 - 18:50 »
Hello. I'm having some trouble using BASS to play a HLS Stream.

It starts fine but after some time it stops playing and logs the error:

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D/: PlayerBase::stop() from IPlayer
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D/AudioTrack: stop() called with 12003840 frames delivered
I'm calling BASS using the HLS plugin:
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                    null, r)

Any idea why it stops? Am I doing something wrong?

Ian @ un4seen

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Re: BASS HLS problem Android
« Reply #1 on: 12 Aug '19 - 13:44 »
Those Logcat entries look normal, when BASS has nothing to play (without the BASS_CONFIG_DEV_NONSTOP option enabled). So the problem seems to be that the HLS stream ended (leaving BASS playing nothing). You can set a BASS_SYNC_END sync on the HLS stream to be notified when it ends. If you immediately reopen the URL, does it continue playing OK?

Are you having the problem with a particular HLS stream or all streams? If the former, please provide the URL. Can you reproduce the problem on another platform, eg. Windows or Linux? Please also confirm that you are using the latest BASSHLS version.