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BASSWEBM - Option request
« on: 15 Aug '19 - 22:24 »
Is it possible to add a BASS_SetConfig option BASS_CONFIG_WEBM_VIDEO (like in bass_aac)?

i use different procedures depending on the presence of the video track and i use the VIDEO option to understand when a video track is present.

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Re: BASSWEBM - Option request
« Reply #1 on: 16 Aug '19 - 14:28 »
It is possible to check if a WebM/Matroska file contains video by trying to open each of the tracks in the file (using the "tracks" parameter) and checking for a BASS_ERROR_NOTAUDIO error.

Something that I have been thinking of adding to BASS in general is a BASS_ATTRIB_HAS_VIDEO attribute that tells if a file (of any supported format) contains video. When you just want to tell if a file also contains video, that would be more convenient than toggling video-enabling config options.