Author Topic: does vgmstream in_vgmstream or xmp_vgmstream work for anyone?  (Read 1549 times)


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It's found here.

I notice it can convert hca files into wav files and i can play wav files in my xmplay if I use the testprogram.
But I'd rather have the xmp-vgmstream working so I can play the hca files directly. (i wanna listen to some 3ds soundtracks for some games I own)

I have an old version of xmp-vgmstream which is working which i downloaded in may 1st at ~1.2mb. but this latest one at ~2.3mb won't load into xmplay.

latest version is here:

edit: got it working!
Seems I had mixed bags of dll files. Some were in root folder next to xmplay and some in the plugins folder. that's why it didn't work.
I had older dlls in root folder and newer in plugins folder.
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