Author Topic: Auxiliary FX Sends with BASS  (Read 3499 times)


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Auxiliary FX Sends with BASS
« on: 14 Jun '03 - 20:47 »
Hi everyone!
I wonder if is it possible [and if so,how] to create
FX Send\Return with BASS? i mean imagine you have a
drum machine program and you want to add reverb to
different sounds using ONE reverb FX,just like the
way you do it with an analogue mixer: you send signal
from mixer channels to external FX processor and it gets
back to mixer in stereo.

it would be also nice if we could put a compressor on
some channles and compress them together.

can u help me? thanx!

Ian @ un4seen

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Re: Auxiliary FX Sends with BASS
« Reply #1 on: 16 Jun '03 - 13:54 »
To apply a single FX to multiple channels, you'ld have to mix the channels yourself... ie. use multiple decoding channels (BASS_StreamCreateFile + BASS_STREAM_DECODE flag), and a single custom stream (BASS_StreamCreate/STREAMPROC) - your STREAMPROC would get decoded sample data (BASS_ChannelGetData) from the decoding channels, and mix it.

Also see the "your own mixing" comments in this thread :)


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Re: Auxiliary FX Sends with BASS
« Reply #2 on: 23 Jun '03 - 11:05 »
Thank You Very Much Ian!
Actually i'm creating a 16 channel mixer for some with your help,this mixer is using 4
FX Send\Returns!

Have a nice day.
Zakhar [Iran]