Author Topic: ALSA recording device does not produce any input  (Read 117 times)


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My audio interface has an analog stereo input and a digital stereo input, and while the analog input is working fine with BASS, there seems to be an issue with the digital input on Linux: BASS_RecordStart returns a valid stream, but in the end my record proc is never called. I made sure to connect a source that also provides a clock in case that's the issue, but it doesn't change anything. Audacity has a similar issue - it doesn't record anything from this input, but interestingly the recording VU meters show correct values for the moment when I try to start the recording. So, as the problem doesn't seem to be exclusive to BASS, there is probably little that can be done about making the recording itself work. However, I was wondering whether it would make sense if BASS emitted a BASS_SYNC_DEV_FAIL event if it doesn't receive any audio from the recording device within the first one or two seconds. Currently I have my own timer so that I can detect this situation and work around it, but it seems logical to me that BASS should consider the device to be broken in this specific case.