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Re:Suggestions for 2.9/3.0
« Reply #250 on: 20 Feb '04 - 04:37 »
Yeah, have had the same thing every now and then.. It's a W98 thing I think, not XMP thing. =)


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Re:Suggestions for 2.9/3.0
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Jacer, do you know that your reply is #250 in this thread?

It shows that XMPlay is increasing in popularity - more and more people are posting here. Certainly the "Suggestions" thread for the last version never hit 200, tho I think I managed to get post 100 in it (and at the time it was the largest thread).

Anyway, back to the whole thing of suggestions:

Tsorovan: what happened to the nice set of icons you created for different file types (all 16x16, in two versions for XP and nonXP)?


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Re:Suggestions for 2.9/3.0
« Reply #252 on: 22 Feb '04 - 02:47 »
BoggyB: I'm still using them... I should add some new filetypes though. I will do that some day soon and re-release them. Might even base them on the new XMPlay icon if it works well enough for it... or that might be too much work for ADD-riddled poor me.
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