Author Topic: pthread_mutex_unlock issue on BASS_ChannelPlay (Android)  (Read 133 times)


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I am currently using BASS (latest version) for Android apps.
Recently, I received a lot of crash logs from Android users with the following stack traces:

Code: [Select]
  #00  pc 00000000000695f0  /system/lib64/ (pthread_mutex_unlock+20)
  #00  pc 0000000000034d90  /data/app/(app identifier)/lib/arm64/
  #00  pc 000000000003506c  /data/app/(app identifier)/lib/arm64/
  #00  pc 0000000000033c0c  /data/app/(app identifier)/lib/arm64/
  #00  pc 0000000000033c90  /data/app/(app identifier)/lib/arm64/
  #00  pc 0000000000038b50  /data/app/(app identifier)/lib/arm64/ (BASS_ChannelPlay+328)
  #00  pc 0000000000038c0c  /data/app/(app identifier)/lib/arm64/ (Java_com_un4seen_bass_BASS_BASS_1ChannelPlay+16)
  #00  pc 000000000093cf7c  /data/app/(app identifier)/oat/arm64/base.odex (offset 0x926000)

Unfortunately, I could not reproduce this issue on my side.
To find out the cause of the problem, is it possible to explain what the "BASS_ChannelPlay+328" part does?

Here are some findings that I narrowed down.
- The issue happens only on Android 7.0, 8.0, 8.1, and 9.0. It seems that the other Android versions (e.g., Android 10.0, 6.0) do not have this issue.
- A notable change that I made recently was calling BASS_StreamCreateFile with a ParcelFileDescriptor obtained from ContentResolver.openFileDescriptor, instead of calling BASS_StreamCreateFile with a raw file path.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Ian @ un4seen

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Are you currently using the latest release version (2.4.15) or the latest "stuff" build? If the former, please try the latter, which you can get from here:

If it still crashes, please post the new backtrace. Also include register values if you have them.


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Thanks, Ian. I was using the latest stable version, not the stuff (beta) version.
Fortunately, as you suggested, after I changed the library files ( to the latest "stuff" builds (Jan 19), this issue didn't happen anymore.

Have there been any code changes within the BASS library regarding the issue?


Ian @ un4seen

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Good to hear that the problem seems to be fixed in the latest build. Regarding what changed to affect the problem, the posted backtrace doesn't seem to match the arm64-v8a library in the BASS 2.4.15 release, so I'm unable to confirm what/where the problem was. Were you using an older release?


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Hmm, that's interesting. I was using the latest stable build (2.4.15 release). I am deploying my app on arm-v7a, arm64-v8a, and x86-64, and the reported crash cases may use the arm64-v8a binary.
The backtrace that I posted was obtained from the Google Play Console. Maybe the reported stack traces are incorrect due to some internal issues (e.g., corrupted heap)..

Anyway, thanks for checking the problem :)