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BASSMIDI Library update
« on: 8 Apr '21 - 11:57 »
Any update on Bassmidi library like modulator. Btw! You are fixed the decay slope that shutdown notes fastly like blackmidi optimization?

Currently have these problem

Not support CC#7 CC#91 CC#93 to Attenuation Reverb and Chorus for adjust curves :)
Decay slope is very fastly. The audio noteoff slope and decay slope looks better in Fluidsynth. Making a smooth transitions when events is very short.
also i think that is same when volume controller go to  0 instantly makes a clip. (look Gogos.mxmf) from falcosoft demo.

Is all problem that founds at this time.  Others modulators are optionals, this modulators is required. Others can be adittional.

To full DLS compliant inside .sf2 needs GM2/GM cc to reverb and chorus followed of  fix decay/release slope.
To reach common modulators, Bassmidi lack cc#7 and the above modulator.

Ian @ un4seen

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Re: BASSMIDI Library update
« Reply #1 on: 8 Apr '21 - 17:49 »
I'm afraid there isn't any new modulator support, but the existing modulator support (except velocity->initialAttenuation) was recently improved to support all of the SF2 curves (linear/concave/convex/switch). If you would like to try that, the update is here: