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XMPlay Web (and Android) Remote Control
« on: 23 Apr '21 - 22:02 »

First of all thank you Ian for this player I've been using for years.

Some topics talk about the idea of having a remote control for XMPlay, but none of them have really been finalized: (Thanks again Ian for the latest example!)

So I wrote mine ;D.

How to install:
  • Download this zip file
  • Put all .dll files into your XMPlay directory
  • Run XMPlay and add/activate the "XMPlay Web Remote Control" plugin
  • Install the Android app on your Android device, run it and, when asked, enter the hostname of the computer where XMPlay runs

- tested with XMPlay 3.8.5
- the APK requires Android 8+
- it can only connect to a host in the same network

Because I developed it for a specific Android device, the app layout fits perfectly a 16/10 screen and displays better in portrait mode.

Ian @ un4seen

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Re: XMPlay Web (and Android) Remote Control
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Looks like some nice work :)


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Re: XMPlay Web (and Android) Remote Control
« Reply #2 on: 29 Apr '21 - 01:34 »
Though controls work fine both in browser and android app, there are some issues with GUI.
- no playlist
- no title
- no cover
- volume slider works but volume percentage is not updated
- timebar doesn't work at all

XMPlay is

Also, I have concern that this requires internet connection (local network wouldn't work), and data is going to website.
I guess if goes down, this wouldn't work?

Otherwise, great work! XMPlay needed this for a long time.

Ok, I have found what is causing these issues with GUI. If there's radio station in playlist, issues are present. Without radio station(s) works as expected.
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Re: XMPlay Web (and Android) Remote Control
« Reply #3 on: 29 Apr '21 - 09:18 »
Thank you for your feedback.
Indeed, I've mainly tested it with mp3 and flac files, there are certainly issues with streams! However, I can try to support them.

About the choice to use an online host:
To make it short: I am a web developer and I suck in C++  :-X
It was way much faster for me to host the files elsewhere (but it's not impossible to embed the web files into the plugin).
On the bright side, I can assure you that no data is sent over the internet ( only host static files). The communication is done through a websocket directly between the plugin and the browser/app on the remote device.
"I guess if goes down, this wouldn't work?"
That is the bad thing, yes.


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Re: XMPlay Web (and Android) Remote Control
« Reply #4 on: 29 Apr '21 - 10:29 »
Thanks for reply JC.

I am not really concerned about privacy but I think it is good idea to embed files in plugin, mostly because the way it works now, you need active internet connection, even though both host (where XMPlay runs) and remote device (computer/phone with browser/app) are in same internal network, and for sure they can communicate without internet connection.

Any chance for adding option to increase fonts in browser version (in app fonts are good)?

Also, maybe add format of the file (mp3 or flac etc)? Or even better maybe show info from Messages tab in XMPlay (tags)? Like choose to show playlist, cover or messages? Just a suggestion for improvement. :)

Keep up the good work!

Small cosmetic bug in GUI, it says connexion instead of connection. ;D

On my phone (1920x1080 so it should be 16:9) looks pretty good but there's small cosmetic issue when cover is shown (attached screnshot). Looks like cover is a bit to big and goes over menu in upper left corner as well as arrow in the middle of the screen.
While it is ok when playlist is shown.
And looks like in your screenshot it is same situation with cover.
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