Does Ian kick a$$?

Yes he does and Ian should be crowned ruler of all the known universe because XMPLAY (and BASSS and MO3) kick a$$.
6 (40%)
I don't know if Ian kicks a$$ but XMPLAY DOES!
2 (13.3%)
Yes.  I love XMPLAY and Ian.  I would consider marrying him (if he would only have me), whether I am a man or woman, gay or straight.  These things do not matter, since XMPLAY rules and these things overshadow anything as inconsequential as sexuality and
1 (6.7%)
Yes.  All of the above.
6 (40%)
No.  Ian does not kick a$$ nor does Xmplay.  But I am mentally incapacitated so my opinion doesn't really count.
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Does Ian rule/kick a$$?
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Ian, I am constantly amazed at how great this app is.  I frigging love it.


God save the queen.