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Pitch shift slowdown
« on: 29 Dec '21 - 16:25 »
Just being curious.
Are there any plans for making real good slowdown/pitchshift routines?
I think it's such a shame for a library as great as bass is to be lacking  (for years now) so standard a function. I also think it is way within your (Ian) abilities  and  I predict  substantial rise in licensing with  this. They don't have to be "state of the art" but just decent so to speak. I believe investing couple of months in this improvement would payoff greatly.
I'm just saying...Otherwise perfect library and community.
Happy holidays  to all reading this :)


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Re: Pitch shift slowdown
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Re: Pitch shift slowdown
« Reply #2 on: 30 Dec '21 - 11:52 »
Yes, i know, but it doesn't sound even close to rubberband or elastique linbs. No offense meant. For a free plugin it delivers a bunch of great stuff. But bpm detection and pitch/slowdown is not at its best. To Jobnik: big thanks for effort anyway   :)

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Re: Pitch shift slowdown
« Reply #3 on: 31 Dec '21 - 15:01 »
It won't be as simple as using BASS_FX, but it is possible to use other time/pitch-changing libraries with BASS. You would still create a "decoding channel" source like you do with BASS_FX, but you would then create a custom stream (with the same sample format) with BASS_StreamCreate instead of using BASS_FX_TempoCreate. The custom stream's STREAMPROC callback function would fetch data from the source (via BASS_ChannelGetData) and process it with the library before returning it to BASS.